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Draft Box 3 Box Opening

Bandai Colossal Warfare Draft Box World Martial Arts Tournament

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Upcoming Fall Releases

DBZ Exchange will be stocked on all the upcoming fall releases from Bandai, Themed Boosters, Draft Boxes and more. Check out our pre-order page for more information.

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Classic DBZ Clip

  Love it when Vegeta gets extra cocky ready to take on anyone in his path. Even ready to take down Trunks for giving away too much information.  Whats some of your favorite scenes from Dragonball Z?

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Classic DBZ Clip: Trunks vs Frieza

Bandai Colossal Warfare DBZ Dragonball Dragonballz Instagram Panini Super Trunks

Trunks vs Frieza 

  Before we had every clip or  full season available to us whenever we wanted thanks to YouTube, i used to have to pop in an empty VHS tape and hit record. Those were the days going to the store and buying a blank VHS tape with 8 hours of space to record all the DBZ i could ahh take me back. 


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Bandai Colossal Warfare Dragonball Super

Releasing July 13th:

Colossal Warfare Booster Box  

Crimson Saiyan Starter Deck 

The Guardian of Namekians Starter Deck 

Colossal Warfare Special Pack 

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