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Coming Soon! Bandai: Series 2 “Union Force”


The second series of the Bandai Dragon Ball Super trading card game “Union Force” is set to be available on November 3.   The series allows new opportunities to “unite the force” of cards for powerful plays. 

New keyword skills will let players combine cards for additional power, recreating familiar scenes.  Look for skills such as, “Indestructible,” “Union-Potara,” and “Union-Absorb.”  Union-Absorb, for instance, allows the use of specific cards to play even more powerful cards.  Just like in the show, Cell will absorb Androids to power up; or the Big Gete Star will fuse with the Meta-Cooler Core to allow the player to then use a more powerful Meta-Cooler Core. 

In the series, Red focuses primarily on the Buu Saga; blue on the Future Trunks Saga; green on the Android/Cell Saga; and yellow on the Meta-Cooler and Chilled Saga.

Larger than the first series, Series 2 has 127 cards total, including 18 Rares, 14 Super Rares and 4 Special Rares to power-up your deck.  The Secret Rare will be revealed Nov 3. 



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