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UPCOMING: Bandai - Dragon Ball Super Card Game


The new Dragon Ball Super trading card game featuring characters from Super and other Dragon Ball series is set to come out July 28, 2017.  With a promise of high-action battles, this game allows your characters to “awaken” new powers in a crunch.  Leader cards flip over (“awaken”) to reveal the new powers, taking your opponent by surprise.

The other types of cards in the game are Battle cards and Extra cards.  Extra cards expand battle strategies even further.  All game cards highlight new, exclusive CG and anime illustrations.

The object of the game is to be the first to reduce your opponent’s Leader Card life to zero.  Along the way, you will create dynamic combos with your allies, and experience the combat, competition and camaraderie of Dragon Ball.


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  • Fanboy on

    Will de Dragon ball super app come to de Netherlands

  • Kratos93 on

    Uk release please??

  • Kratos93 on

    Uk release please??

  • dion scheffer on

    will it come to Europe?

  • DBZ Exchange on

    Not totally certain, but we did find that shops in Australia will carry it. So, chances would be high for Canada to offer products. We always ship to Canada if you can’t find any local retailer.

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