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All Six Base Set MP Sets

All Six Base Set MP Sets

$ 13.00

All Six Base Set Main Personality Sets Lv1-Lv4 Base Prizm


S1 Vegeta Prince of Saiyans Lv1
S2 Vegeta Villainous Lv2
S3 Vegeta Empowered Lv3
S4 Vegeta Renewed Lv4

S5 Goku Protector of Earth Lv1
S6 Goku Kaio-Ken Enhanced Lv2
S7 Goku Energy Gather Lv3
S8 Goku Super Saiyan Lv4

S9 Gohan Resilient Child Lv1
S10 Gohan Young Warrior Lv2
S11 Gohan Determined Lv3
S12 Gohan Armored Lv4

S13 Krillin Ready Lv1
S14 Krillin Energetic Lv2
S15 Krillin Ready for Battle Lv3
S16 Krillin Enraged Lv4

S17 Frieza Tyrant Lv1
S18 Frieza Transformed Lv2
S19 Frieza Galactic Conqueror Lv3
S20 Frieza Revived Lv4

S21 Piccolo Stoic Lv1
S22 Piccolo Combat Stance Lv2
S23 Piccolo Unleashed Lv3
S24 Piccolo Fused Lv4


Card Condition: Fresh Pull / Never Played

Set: Base Set

Manufacturer: Panini

Year: 2014

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