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Awakening Booster Playset

Awakening Booster Playset

$ 8.99

Awakening Booster Playset

Includes: 256 cards

x3 of each styled common / uncommon

x1 of each dragon ball uncommon

x1 of each personality uncommon

C1 Black Protective Drill
C2 Black Breaker
C3 Black Dispel
C4 Black Duck
C5 Black Energy Beam
C6 Black Flinch
C7 Black Halt
C8 Black Narrow Beam
C9 Black Schematics
C10 Black Heel
C11 Blue Rebuke
C12 Blue Introduction
C13 Blue Brace
C14 Blue Deterrence
C15 Blue Feast
C16 Blue Patience
C17 Blue Retaliation
C18 Blue Reckless Charge
C19 Blue Strike
C20 Blue Sweep
C21 Blue Arrest
C22 Namekian Cover
C23 Namekian Discharge
C24 Namekian Eviction
C25 Namekian Head Kick
C26 Namekian Left Block
C27 Namekian Training Ball
C28 Namekian Wallop
C29 Namekian Clamp
C30 Namekian Buffer
C31 Orange Encouragement
C32 Orange Checkup Drill
C33 Orange Spying Drill
C34 Orange Dismissal
C35 Orange Guard
C36 Orange Paired Blast
C37 Orange Redirection
C38 Orange Left Burst
C39 Orange Aid
C40 Orange Defense
C41 Red Driving Knee
C42 Red Evade
C43 Red Explosion
C44 Red Hurl
C45 Red Repel
C46 Red Sneaky Strike
C47 Red Takeover
C48 Red Tilt
C49 Red Determination
C50 Red Jab
C51 Saiyan Vacation
C52 Saiyan Escape
C53 Saiyan High Kick
C54 Saiyan Intercept
C55 Saiyan Internal Conflict
C56 Saiyan Ki Web
C57 Saiyan Stomach Thrust
C58 Saiyan Turning Kick
C59 Saiyan Bash
C60 Saiyan Crouch

U61 Earth Dragon Ball 1
U62 Earth Dragon Ball 2
U63 Earth Dragon Ball 3
U64 Earth Dragon Ball 4
U65 Earth Dragon Ball 5
U66 Earth Dragon Ball 6
U67 Earth Dragon Ball 7
U68 Cell Jr. Taunting Lv1
U69 Cell Jr. On the Move Lv2
U70 Cell Jr. Oppressive Lv3
U71 Cell Jr. Confident Lv4
U72 Mercenary Tao Old Foe Lv1
U73 Mercenary Tao Reckless Lv2
U74 Mercenary Tao Armed Lv3
U75 Mercenary Tao Shielded Lv4
U76 Cell Jr. Trapped Lv1
U77 Cell Jr. Escaping Lv1
U78 Cell Jr. Unrelenting Lv1
U79 Baba Surprise Visitor Lv1
U80 Jimmy Firecracker Inquisitive Lv1
U81 Ox King Naming Genius Lv1
U82 Puar Cheerful Lv1
U83 Black Confinement
U84 Black Construction Drill
U85 Black Left Burst
U86 Blue Release Drill
U87 Blue Tracking Beam
U88 Namekian Hunt
U89 Namekian Hospitality Drill
U90 Namekian Whack
U91 Orange Crying Drill
U92 Orange Restructuring Drill
U93 Orange Leaping Punch
U94 Red Flourish
U95 Red Scanning Drill
U96 Red Counter Kick
U97 Red Pummel
U98 Saiyan Clench
U99 Saiyan Parry
U100 Saiyan Slap

Card Condition: Fresh Pull / Never Played

Set: Awakening

Manufacturer: Panini

Year: 2016

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