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Leader Uncommon Set - Union Force (B02)

Leader Uncommon Set - Union Force (B02)

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Card Condition: Fresh Pull / Never Played

Series: Union Force [B02]

Manufacturer: Bandai

Year: 2017


x1 of each leader uncommon (8 Cards)

BT2-002 Son Goku - Soul Unleashed Son Goku
BT2-003 Babidi - Babidi, Creator of Evil
BT2-035 Trunks - Trunks, Hope for the Future
BT2-036 Goku Black - Goku Black, The Bringer of Despair
BT2-069 Son Gohan - Father-Son Kamehameha Goku&Gohan
BT2-070 Android 17 - Diabolical Duo Androids 17 & 18
BT2-101 Cooler - Cooler, Leader of Troops
BT2-102 Chilled - Chilled, Harbinger of Destruction

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