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Red Common Set - Union Force (B02)

Red Common Set - Union Force (B02)

$ 0.49

Card Condition: Fresh Pull / Never Played

Series: Union Force [B02]

Manufacturer: Bandai

Year: 2017


x1 of each red common (16 Cards)

BT2-005 Super Saiyan Son Goku
BT2-007 Fully Trained Son Gohan
BT2-008 Leap to The Future Son Goten
BT2-010 Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta
BT2-011 Leap to The Future Trunks
BT2-016 Mighty Mask, The Mysterious Warrior
BT2-017 Hercule, Buu's Assistant
BT2-018 Videl, Gohan's Partner
BT2-019 Foreseeing East Supreme Kai
BT2-020 Kibito
BT2-021 Sensing Old Kai
BT2-024 Attendants Spopovich and Yamu
BT2-028 Majin Buu Revived
BT2-031 Majin Buu's Sealed Ball
BT2-032 Piccolo's Help
BT2-033 Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

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