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Yellow Common Set - Galactic Battle (B01)

Yellow Common Set - Galactic Battle (B01)

$ 0.95

Card Condition: Fresh Pull / Never Played

Series: Galactic Battle [B01]

Manufacturer: Bandai

Year: 2017


x1 of each yellow common (16 Cards)

BT1-088 Frieza Hellish Terror
BT1-089 Avenging Frieza
BT1-096 Ginyu Force Recoome
BT1-097 Ginyu Force Burter
BT1-098 Ginyu Force Jeice
BT1-099 Ginyu Force Guldo
BT1-100 Dodoria The Emperor's Attendant
BT1-101 Zarbon The Emperor's Attendant
BT1-102 Appule
BT1-103 Sui
BT1-104 Banan
BT1-105 Cui
BT1-107 Cold Bloodlust
BT1-108 Bad Ring Laser
BT1-109 Frieza's Call
BT1-110 Crusher Ball

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