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Yellow Common Set - Union Force (B02)

Yellow Common Set - Union Force (B02)

$ 0.89

Card Condition: Fresh Pull / Never Played

Series: Union Force [B02]

Manufacturer: Bandai

Year: 2017


x1 of each yellow common (10 Cards)

BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler
BT2-113 Pivotal Defense Cyclopian Guard
BT2-114 Guide Robo, Usher of Death
BT2-116 Cooler's Armored Squadron Dore
BT2-117 Cooler's Armored Squadron Neiz
BT2-118 Tobi, The Obedient Soldier
BT2-119 Cabira, The Obedient Soldier
BT2-120 Darkness Eye Beam
BT2-121 Death Razor
BT2-122 Big Gete Star

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